I think I hate myself!? Could god have created mosquitoes so they don't bite humans?.. So they only bite creatures other than humans? SCHOLARSHIP ESSAY QUESTION!?!?!?!!? Do we need anti spyware? Is unemployed college student on food stamps/loans mentally ill or lazy? El Mozote massacre/Cold War question!!!!? Is enlightenment for the religious only? Help with a short film? How many pages is a 2000 word essay in size 12 times new roman font? In Cold Blood by Truman Capote? How to get into a Psychology Ph.D Program? Vertex of a parabola help? How to create melody? Biology teacher not allowed to talk about evolution? I'm scared to do Track and Field, or anything new at this point.? I ruined my proposal :(? Does anyone know of any modern day books or movies that have been influenced by Homer's Illiad or the Oddessy? Help in Hamlet essay?

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